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"I've gone to 3 Stone for 7 years and my hygienist, Diane Meadows, is great. She's caring, gentle, resourceful, and will put your anxiety to rest. I've experienced only the willingness to accommodate your needs by the rest of the staff. Thumbs up!

Trudi Powell

"This will be a bit long but worth the read if you bear with me. I am not normally one to do reviews but felt I needed to. Prior to coming here to 3 stone, I had a documented phobia of the dentist due to a couple of traumatic experiences. Still apprehensive but Dr. Syed has been fantastic at addressing those concerns. He always ensures I don't feel pain, my appts run along with the work I've had done so if I begin to feel something I let him know he IMMEDIATELY stops and adds more numbing meds before continuing. Answers all questions and they explain what's going on. I've had a couple of different techs working with him but the one who has assisted with most of my work is Julie Bartlett and she has been just as outstanding. Same as the doc, answers questions try her utmost to ensure you aren't uncomfortable, and all around knows what the doc wants and needs when doing the work. This year I have had 5 root canals (I think a 6th as well it's hard to keep track you'll see why in a second), a couple of fillings, SEVEN crowns which required cavities filled plus buildup, 1 implant, 1 extraction of a VERY bad, dead nearly rotted out 3rd molar that was the result of a failed root canal at another dentist, and I still have 2 more permanent crowns to get done, 1 more cavity and once the extraction heals 1 more implant. He does great work, I have had questions with aftercare and they have always gotten back to me the next day whether it's the doc or ms Bartlett. I firmly believe if it hadn't been for this dentist and his staff, I'd have kept on ignoring as much work as I did. I mean I used to have to be put OUT for simple cleanings! But thanks to them I am gaining back the ability to chew on both sides of my mouth, not embarrassed by how my mouth looks, the bad breath that comes with infected rotted teeth, etc. It has been great and ANY work I need to be done in the future I will have done here by dr Syed! As an aside they have offices all over so you don't need to worry about going just to 1. He works with a select group of dentists running offices (and he works in each) in Claremont, Newport, Lebanon, Springfield VT, and I believe Keene and another 1 or 2. He is a busy man and great work is sought after!"

William Parker

"I've always had a great experience at 3 Stone..had to have my front tooth extracted and a bridge put in and it went very smoothly. Every visit has been great. Great staff and very friendly!"

Lizz Ellis

"What I liked most was the good advice and plan they gave me to fit within my budget and they have always got me right in within a few days if not sooner when I call. I would say they are accommodating and friendly."

Jeremy Herrell

"Recently I had some major dental work performed, after many years. I went to Three Stone Dental in Claremont to have my work done. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Dr. Syed and the staff were wonderful, absolutely NO PAIN, including a couple of Root Canals!! If you are looking for a dentist in the upper valley, I highly recommend Dr. Syed and his staff."

Lisa Keeley

"Had a wisdom tooth extracted. The staff was friendly and professional, the facilities were clean, and Dr. Syed pulled the tooth quickly and easily. All for a very manageable price. I'm going back in a few weeks to have more work done."

Leif Hollback

"They are at a convenient location, they have plenty of parking and easy access right off the highway. I have had many procedures including even what is known as an implant. The staff and the doctors are the best of the best. The quality of the work they perform speaks for itself and says it all. Myself, I highly recommend them. This is because I do not get so anxious to go for a dental appointment anymore as I had in the past."

John Shull

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