Although Claremont, NH dental implants cannot get cavities like natural teeth, they still accumulate plaque and stain buildup as other tooth structures do. Daily hygiene will keep your implants clean, your breath fresh, and promote healthy gum and bone tissue to support your implants in the years ahead.

Caring for Dental Implants - Woman holding a dental implant.

1. Brush Your Dental Implants Twice a Day

Always choose a soft or extra-soft toothbrush to clean your dental implants. An electric toothbrush is also appropriate if that's what you prefer. Be sure to pay special attention to the gumlines, where plaque tends to be heaviest. Only apply a small amount of pressure (enough for the gums to slightly blanch) but nothing more.

2. Use Gentle, Non-Abrasive Oral Care Products

Dr. Syed recommends using gentle toothpaste or gel to brush your implants, as opposed to those with more abrasive ingredients. Do not brush with baking soda or use alcohol-containing mouthwash, as they may delay healing.

3. Clean Around Your Implants with Floss or a Water Flosser Every Day

It's especially important to keep the margins of dental implants next to your gum tissues clean. Since plaque buildup can slip under the edges of the gums and cause infection, floss or a water flosser are essential for your daily routine. If you have a fixed multi-tooth restoration like an implant bridge, All-on-4, or All-on-6, be sure to clean underneath the restoration next to the gums and around each implant on a daily basis.

4. Do Not Use Tobacco Products

Tobacco delays healing and often masks the symptoms of gum disease. If you have dental implants and smoke, you're more at risk for potential implant complications and future tooth loss.

5. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

When your mouth is healing after dental implant surgery, plan to avoid alcoholic beverages and alcohol-containing mouthwash for at least a few months.

6. Plan a Dental Checkup Every Six Months

It's important to have your dental implants professionally evaluated and cleaned regularly, the same as your natural teeth. Plan to schedule a checkup with our Claremont, New Hampshire, dentist twice a year.

If you're experiencing gum irritation, delayed healing, or have questions about dental implant treatment, please don't hesitate to contact us. Dr. Syed will be happy to assist you.

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