Dentures/Partial Dentures Claremont, NH

All men and women strive to perfect their smile in Claremont, NH, and one way to do that is with dentures. With so many options for replacing broken, damaged, decayed and missing teeth, it can be difficult to determine which dentures in Claremont, New Hampshire will be the best fit for you. For those patients in the Claremont area looking to replace a large group of teeth, a full arch of teeth, or a full set of teeth, dentures at 3 Stone Dental Claremont are the logical choice.

Periodontal disease, accidents, physical injuries, and decay past the point of repair are all reasons why patients in Claremont, NH may need dentures to perfect their smile. With a wide variety of custom-made dentures available to fit every need, it is important for patients to know what types of dentures are available and how they can help.

Put simply, dentures are devices that are used to replace a large group, a full arch or a full set of missing teeth. Dentures typically fall into two categories, full and partial. The partial denture is used to replace anywhere from a single tooth to a group of teeth, and full dentures are used to replace a full arch or a full set of teeth. Aman Syed, DDS at 3 Stone Dental Claremont will explain all the denture options and discuss which is right for you.

Dentures in Claremont, New Hampshire are also available as both fixed and removable. Removable dentures are quite common. Patients use pastes or adhesives to provide temporary stability, however the dentures can be removed quickly and easily. Fixed dentures are a newer procedure to become available to patients, and involve fixing the dentures in place with dental implants. More patients are choosing fixed dentures because they eliminate many of the common problems associated with removable dentures, while giving patients the look and feel of naturally growing teeth.

For many denture patients, the biggest dilemma is choosing between fixed and removable. However, with the newest denture technology – denture attachments – now patients don’t have to choose. Denture attachments utilize the stable support of dental implants, while giving patients the ability to remove their dentures instantly. This is possible due to the metal attachments that are placed on the patient’s dentures. These attachments, complete with O-rings, allow the dentures to be snapped on and off the dental implants with ease.

If you currently suffer with an imperfect smile and feel like dentures are the right option for you, contact 3 Stone Dental Claremont to learn more. Dentures at 3 Stone Dental Claremont will give you back your self-confidence, allowing you to smile again!